My DC internship with ACLU offered a unique and fantastic opportunity to spark an acceleration of one’s pathway to life and exploration. In my eyes it is utterly the most beneficial learning experience that I have gotten from what has already been a fantastic education at the University of Utah. Take advantage and enjoy!
— Kyle Rehn: Economics Major
Interning with the Becket Fund in D.C was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Being able to play a role in the fight for religious liberty, meeting brilliant individuals from all over the world, and stepping outside of my comfort zone while living in the nation’s capital was an experience I will never forget.
— Hans Liu: International Studies and History Major
My internship with Health and Human Services in DC went from being a positive experience that had the potential to beef-up my resume to a potentially life changing experience that may have implications for the rest of my career.
— Matthew Jensen: Pre-Med Student