Todd Taylor Local Internship Scholarship

The Todd Taylor Local Internship Scholarship was established at the University of Utah to reward highly dedicated interns who embody Todd Taylor’s work ethic, dedication and passion for politics. Taylor passed away in 2012 while serving as the longest-tenured state political party executive director in the nation. He is remembered as “a true renaissance man” with a passion for national and local politics, a near photographic memory, encyclopedic knowledge of Utah politics, a sharp wit, and personal authenticity that is widely missed. 

Previous Recipients:

2018: Lauren Leydsman, Jalen Pace, Gabrielle Price, Nicole Zamora-Wilson, Rahma Ahmed, Sierra McNeil, Lydia Morley, Ahmed Qaisar

2017: Hans Liu, Jeffrey Lunt, Mayan Mallah

2016: Nicholas Cockrell, Valeria Jimenez, Madison Mahon, Ellie Fuller, Michaela Lemen, Emma Martin, Christy Berk, Brittany Escalante, Danny McLaughlin

2015: Madeline Sandt, Chloe Cole, Shuktika Maheshwari, Joseph Sorensen

2014: Rachana Keo, Marcus James-Paul Steed, Miguel Trujillo, Sarah Ward, Cree McNulty

2013: Matthew Tucker Stern, Christopher Conrad Rondem, Edwin Alexander Wall, Christianna Charlotte Johnson

2012: Chase Dixon Olson

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