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The intern program is the heart of the Hinckley Institute. The Institute provides unparalleled, for-course (and frequently funded) internship opportunities for students of all majors and disciplines. Each year we place more than 300 students in the most prestigious and innovative local, national, and global institutions.

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The Hinckley Institute is proud to offer seminars with our exceptional Hinckley Resident scholars, former U.S. Senator Robert Bennett and former U.S. Ambassador John Price. These courses are modeled off of Ivy League symposiums and are limited to ten students each semester. Due to the competitive nature of these courses, you must apply for entry. 



The Hinckley Institute hosts over 100 free Hinckley Forums per year. These world-class speaker/panel events enable students, faculty, and community members to engage with local, national, and international politicians, activists, and thinkers.  Previous Hinckley Forum guests include Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Mitt Romney, Brent Scowcroft, Malcolm Gladwell, Thomas Freidman, and Dr. Jane McGonigal.

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Forum Series (HNKLY 3910)—Fall and Spring Semesters

Strong writing and speaking skills are critical for internship 

This writing-intensive course is consistently one of the highest ranked on campus. It exposes students to diverse perspectives on current events and political and social issues. Students attend a variety of Hinckley Forums featuring academics, policymakers, diplomats, authors, and other public officials. The course additionally hones students’ public speaking prowess.


Political Forum Series (HNKLY 3910)—Fall and Spring Semesters

Capital Encounter is a one-week program, targeted to students who cannot serve a regular, full semester internship in Washington, DC. Students travel with Dr. Tim Chambless to Washington, DC. in the Spring Semester of each year. Participating students dialogue with a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, meet with Utah's congressional delegation, discuss foreign policy with a former national security advisor, interact with professional lobbyists, question prominent journalists, tour the White House, U.S. Capitol, Treasury Building, CIA, and Library of Congress.


The Hinckley Journal of Politics is the only undergraduate-run journal of politics in the nation and strives to publish scholarly papers of exceptional caliber, promoting the intellectual talents and understanding of University of Utah undergraduate students in the fields of politics, government, international relations, and humanitarian aid. Contributing articles should address relevant issues by explaining key problems and potential solutions. Papers should adhere to the highest standards of political research and analysis. The Journal covers local, national, and international issues, and embraces diverse political perspectives. With this publication the Hinckley Institute hopes to encourage reader involvement in the world of politics.


(HNKLY 3160) – Fall semester only, cross-listed with POLS 3160

The Hinckley Institute of Politics offers an undergraduate minor in Campaign Management. Participating students are required to complete a political internship and an interdisciplinary series of courses on campaign management, polling, grassroots lobbying, media, and other practical politics. The minor is designed to prepare students for careers in applied politics. 


The Hinckley Institute of Politics provides substantial scholarships to students through the Robert H. Hinckley, Abrelia Clarissa Hinckley, Anne and John Hinckley, Senator Pete Suazo, and Scott M. Matheson scholarship funds. Student loans are also available through the Bill Rishel Memorial Loan Fund. The Hinckley Institute is also the University of Utah representative for the Harry S. Truman Congressional Scholarship and the James Madison Fellowship, two of America’s most prestigious scholarships. Internship scholarships are provided to students completing local, international and Washington, DC, internships.


The Hinckley Institute is excited to announce the formation of Hinckley Institute Ambassadors. They are the champions of networking on campus, stoking student participation, and planning our most prestigious events. Hinckley Ambassadors receive exclusive invitations to meet with visiting dignitaries as well as a semester-based stipend.


The Hinckley Institute provides invaluable assistance to students in the form of resume support, interviewing expertise, and writing workshops. Don't leave your graduate school or job applications up to chance.