Truman Scholarship Overview

Students wishing to apply for the scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be junior level academic standing with a GPA of 3.7+

  • Planning to attend graduate school

  • Demonstrate leadership potential and commitment to a career in public service

  • Desire to make a difference

Students interested in applying must first meet with Gina Shipley.

Interested students can also attend the Truman Information Session on Sept 11.

The application consists of the following documents:

  • Current resume

  • Transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • Application form

  • Policy Proposal

To view and download a sample of the Truman Scholarship application, click here.

For more sample applications, visit

Candidate applications due to Hinckley Institute—November 1, 2019  

Samantha Thorne Receives 2019 Truman Scholarship

Samantha Thorne.jpg

Samantha studies economics and international studies at the University of Utah and is passionate about political communications and electoral processes. In addition to serving as a communications intern in senatorial and gubernatorial offices, Samantha worked as a D.C. and international correspondent for Diplomatic Courier—a global affairs publication and analysis magazine. Samantha has volunteered in election night war rooms, at Republican state conventions, and on a U.S. Senate campaign. She helped facilitate an on-campus polling site at the University of Utah during the 2016 elections and represented the University of Utah at Harvard’s Political & Civic Engagement Conference. Samantha has also served as an Honors College representative at the Oxford Consortium on Human Rights, a trade service intern at World Trade Center Utah, a forum host for the Hinckley Institute of Politics, and a government relations advisor for Telstra in Melbourne, Australia.

Previous Truman Scholars 

Tianna Tu - 2014

Tianna received dual honors degrees in political science and international studies. She participated in three Hinckley internships, working for the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy, as an intern for the Utah State Lesislature with the House Minority Leader, and as an intern for the U.S. State Department International Organization Affairs, Human Righst Council in Washington, D.C. Tianna’s has extensive community involvement and leadership experiences. She served as a University of Utah and Honors College Student Ambassador, Honors College Legal Scholar and Community Leadership Scholar, Associated Students of the University of Utah Assembly Vice Chair and Government Relations Board Member, and the University of Utah coordinator for the statewide Education First initiative and petition drive After graduating in 2015 Tianna went on to pursue a JD/MBA and to pursue a career in international development.


Ashley Edgette - 2012

Ashley received dual honors degrees in political science and environmental studies, as well as a minor in French. Ashley participated in two internships with the Hinckley Institute working with the Mestizo Arts and Activism Collective in Salt Lake. She also worked as a government relations intern with the Food Research and Action Center in Washington, D.C. Ashley has received numerous other awards including the Utah Compact Civically Engage Student Award. After graduating in 2013 she went on to study the intersection of community, development, sustainable food systems, and social justice through city and metropolitan planning.


Brandon Peart - 2011

Brandon interned at the U.S. Department of State in the Office of Commercial and Business Affairs. In this capacity, Brandon was involved in the U.S. response to the liberation of Libya by encouraging the U.S. business community to expand operations and support the war wounded in Libya. The Woodrow Wilson National Fellow-ship Foundation named him one of 20 undergraduate students nationwide to receive the 2011 Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship, which provides support for Brandon’s undergraduate and graduate studies as he prepares to enter the United States Foreign Service. As part of the Truman Scholarship Foundation’s Summer Institute and the Pickering Fellowship, Brandon will returned to the Department of State in the Office of Terrorism Finance and Sanctions Policy.

Cody Scott Rogers - 2010 

Cody graduated from the University of Utah and went on to the University of Virginia School of Law, where he developed interests in public official corruption and election law. Prior to graduating from the University of Utah in 2011, Cody served a Hinckley internship in Brussels, Belgium, with the U.S. Mission to NATO. Cody also completed an internship with Senator Bob Bennett, and worked in the Senator’s office for three years as a staff assistant, office manager, and state scheduler. “I have very little doubt that I would not currently be studying at UVA had it not been for the Truman,” Cody said. “Beyond just being a nice recognition the entire process focused my energies and brought perspective on what it is I want to do with my life.” 


Patrick Reimherr - 2009 

Patrick graduated from the University of Utah in 2010 with degrees in political science, economics, and Spanish. He served Hinckley Internships with Christian Burridge’s congressional campaign, Representative Ralph Becker, and the Campaign Legal Center in Washington, D.C. Patrick is currently a Truman-Albright Fellow and Social Science Research Analyst at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. 

Ingrid Price - 2008

Ingrid is a graduate of the University of Utah and Stanford Law School. She completed several Hinckley Internships as an undergraduate student, working with U.S. State Department Mission to N.A.T.O. in Brussels, Belgium; the U.N. Foundation in Washington, D.C., with the Better World Campaign; and Ralph Becker’s mayoral campaign. Before attending law school she obtained an M.Phil. in international relations at the University of Cambridge. She worked working as a summer associate with Hughes Hubbard & Reed in New York and interning in fall of 2012 in Washington, D.C., with Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio’s award-winning legal affairs correspondent. 

Bryson Morgan - 2007 

Bryson graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2011. He is currently an Associate at Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, D.C., where he advises clients on election, campaign finance, pay-to-play, lobbying, and governmental ethics laws and regulations. As an undergraduate student at the University of Utah, Bryson completed Hinckley internships with State Representative Karen Morgan and the Campaign Legal Center in Washington, D.C.; he was also student staff at the Hinckley Institute. While attending Harvard Law School, Bryson served as a legal clerk to the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics and was an intern at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston.