The Southern Institute of Social Sciences (SISS) in an institute member of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. SISS is the only multi-disciplinary institute and the only research institute associated with VASS in southern Vietnam. SISS provides foundational research for policy, trains researchers, and establishes international scientific collaboration while disseminating knowledge of the social sciences and humanities. SISS advocates and consults for development issues, especially in the areas of environmental protection, urban upgrading projects, rural development, and water resources. SISS’s research has impacted national development master plans, policies in poverty alleviation, environmental policy, and much more.  


 Interns interested in development, sustainability, Southeast Asia, or the social sciences are encouraged to apply. Interns will be assisting with a project in collaboration with the Laos National Academy of Social Sciences to study Sustainable Development in Viet Nam and Lao. The research study has two goals: (1) studying sustainable development in border communes of Viet Nam and Lao, and (2) constructing an index of sustainable development for Viet Nam and Lao. Interns can help us to review relevant literature at the international level, especially index for reference. Interns also join with some field research. Interns should demonstrate strong research skills and background at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level.