Hinckley Institute

February 2024 | John Deeds

Alumni Spotlight

John Deeds has spent nearly 15 years working as an attorney, specializing in state and local tax. Throughout his career, he has helped craft tax policy, combining his tax expertise with his passion for policy. His interest in policy began as an undergraduate student completing a legislative internship through the Hinckley Institute at the U.

While attending the U, Deeds took various Hinckley classes and loved attending the numerous debates and forums hosted by the Hinckley Institute. Of all the internship programs the Hinckley Institute offered, Deeds was most excited about the opportunity to work at the Utah Capitol during the legislative session and applied for the Hinckley’s legislative internship program. Deeds completed his legislative internship during the 2005 session, working for then Speaker of the House, Greg Curtis. His legislative experience deeply impacted his view of government.

The experience engendered a default trust and respect for our elected representatives because I was able to see firsthand that they are everyday people trying to do what they believe is best for society.

Deeds graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree, double majoring in political science and psychology with a minor in economics. He continued his education at the U and graduated with a JD in 2010 from the SJ Quinney College of Law and an LL.M in Taxation from Georgetown University. Deeds is currently a partner at Crapo Deeds PLLC, where he advises clients on property, sales and income tax matters. 

Deeds not only continues to practice the research skills he gained during his legislative internship, whether it’s researching legislative history or working on current legislation that impacts his clients, but also continues to interact with folks he met during his internship.

Just last month I introduced Commissioner John Valentine to speak to the Tax Section of the Utah State Bar – he was the President of the Senate when I interned and is now the Chair of the Utah State Tax Commission which I appear before on a routine basis.

The Hinckley Institute is thrilled that Deeds’ legislative internship had such a positive impact on him and will continue to help students gain transformative experiences that will help them navigate their passions and interests and cultivate professional relationships that will help them as they begin their careers.