Hinckley Institute Student Ambassadors 


The Hinckley Institute Student Ambassadors will serve as student representatives for the Hinckley Institute. The purpose of the Ambassador program is threefold:

  • provide top University of Utah students the opportunity to attend, host, and plan forums and conferences through the Hinckley Institute. 
  • develop student leadership skills through monthly networking meetings with campus, community, business, and political leaders.
  • play a key role in Hinckley outreach and marketing to students and the campus community. 

This unique experience will prepare and qualify students for future work opportunities as they gain valuable and marketable experience with Utah’s higher education and diplomatic relationships. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with Hinckley Institute staff, and gain exposure to exclusive diplomatic visits and events. The Hinckley Student Ambassadors will be a prestigious group of eight top Hinckley & University of Utah students. 


  • Hours: A minimum of 15 hours per semester is required. Ambassadors will help extensively with tabling and class visits at the beginning of each semester.
  •  In addition to student outreach, Ambassadors will be tasked with specific projects including the following:
    • Siciliano Forum
    • Conference planning & support
    • Hinckley Forums/hosting, including University of Utah visits from foreign delegations
    •  Attend Hinckley forums and take the forum series class (if not previously taken)
    •  Misc. HIP projects including extensive student/campus outreach.
    • Monthly Leadership Meeting: Hinckley Institute Student Ambassadors will meet with Hinckley Staff on the first Friday of every month from 10 AM to Noon for logistical planning and leadership trainings with campus, community, business, and political leaders. Ambassadors must commit to attend these meetings in order to be accepted into the program.
  • HIP Staff Member Anna Edelman manages the HIP Ambassadors


Please refer all questions about the Hinckley Ambassador Program to Anna Edelman.