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Bill Rishel Loan

Salt Lake City native Virginia Rishel established the Bill Rishel Memorial Loan in honor of her late father Bill Rishel. Bill Rishel was a pioneer in the development of the highway system in the Western United States. He was responsible for the concept of Salt Lake City as the "hub" of the Western highways and spent his life promoting transportation in the Intermountain West.


The Hinckley Institute of Politics will award this loan annually (up to $2,500 for undergraduate study, $5,000 for graduate study, and $5,000 for global interns at the University of Utah ) to outstanding students who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0; graduate GPA of 3.3.

  • Have demonstrated both the aptitude and desire to pursue a career in public service.

    • Public service is defined as work in government at any level, the uniformed services, public interest organizations, non-governmental research, and/or educational organizations, and non-profit organizations.



  1. Fill out a Bill Rishel Loan application and the self-certification document.

  2. Submit application and self-certification document to Nick Cockrell for eligibility review.

  3. If eligibility is confirmed, schedule counseling appointment with Nick Cockrell and complete a promissory note at the Hinckley Institute of Politics (GC 2018).

  4. Pay $15 credit check request fee at the Income Accounting Office (SSB 165).

  5. Submit the loan application, self-certification, promissory note, and credit check receipt to the Financial Aid Office (SSB 105).



  • The loan application is not approved by the Hinckley Institute of Politics. The Hinckley Institute only confirms eligibility to apply for the loan.

  • Applicants must pass a credit check through the University of Utah Loans Office in order to receive the Bill Rishel Loan.

  • Applicants must be enrolled at least half time, unless explicit permission is granted by the Hinckley Institute to receive the loan and not be enrolled at least half time.

  • If approved, Financial Aid and Scholarships deposits the funds into the student's account, no earlier than the first day of the term for which the loan has been approved. Processing of this loan can take between 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Interest is 5% fixed and interest does not accumulate until one year after graduation.

  • Loan repayment begins one year after graduation.

For additional questions contact the Hinckley Institute at 801-581-8501.



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