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Brockbank Grant for High School Teachers

The W. Hughes Brockbank High School Participation Program was established in 1983 to increase political awareness and raise the level of political participation among high school students in the State of Utah.

Each year, the Hinckley Institute provides several grants ranging from $200 to $500 to assist high school teachers who plan to implement excellent programming that will achieve the mission of the Brockbank Program.


The Hinckley Institute of Politics will award this grant annually to current high school teachers who demonstrate a commitment to increasing civic-mindedness and engagement in their students. Teachers must demonstrate how funds will be used for students to civically engage whether that be through classroom supplies, a field trip, etc.



Answer the following questions in the Brockbank Application

    • Provide a general overview of the student body at the school where you currently teach.

    • How many years have you taught?

    • Grade/Classes taught?

    • What subjects will you be teaching during the 2022-2023 school year?

    • Describe your history as a teacher and any other in-class or extracurricular projects you have led in which the goal was to increase civic-mindedness or engagement.

    • Describe your project or proposal. Be sure to identify the key outcomes you hope to achieve, the individuals or communities that will be served, and the timeline of the project/proposal (500-word limit).

    • Provide a specific breakdown of how the funds will be used. Please provide dollar amounts.

For additional questions, contact the Hinckley Institute at 801-581-8501. Or email nicholas.cockrell@hinckley.utah.edu