Hinckley Sponsored Courses

The Hinckley Institute is dedicated to engaging students and the community to promote a better understanding and appreciation of politics. Providing sponsored courses at the University of Utah is one of the ways we accomplish this goal. The courses we sponsor are listed below.

Campaign Management (HNKLY 3160)

leigh smithObama Internship.jpg

Fall semester only, cross-listed with POLS 3160

This course is designed to introduce students to the management of political and public affairs campaigns through lectures, guest speakers, and active participation in a campaign. Students can also receive internship credit for their campaign work by registering for a local internship (HNKLY 4900).


Political Forum Series (HNKLY 3910)

Fall and spring semesters, cross-listed with POLS 3910

The purpose of the Hinckley Institute of Politics Forum Series Course is to expose students to important ideas and perspectives from academics, policy makers, diplomats, politicians, public servants, writers, and observers on relevant local, national, and international affairs. The wide variety of presenters and topics allow for the students to select and attend the forums that are most interesting to them. Students will have the opportunity to explore their own interests and possible career paths through attending lectures, regular reading of major newspapers, reflective writing, and discussion sessions. Students will be responsible for attending 10 Hinckley forums throughout the semester and class meetings on Friday afternoons. We advise that students also have availability during the noon hour on Monday and Wednesday as that is when the majority of forums will be scheduled.


Capital Encounter (HNKLY 4914)

Capitol Encounter_KyleTucker.jpg

In this unique educational experience, students learn about and practice the art and science of political influence and advocacy in Washington. They develop policy proposals and put together advocacy plans for their proposals. After the end of the semester (May 1-7), students will travel to Washington to put their knowledge, and their plans, to work, meeting with governmental officials and advocating for their policy proposals. This immersive experience combines the best of theory and practice, and allows students to learn how political advocacy really works in our national politics. Spring Semester Only



This course, which is a collaboration with the Political Science Department, intends to compliment the intense learning experience of the Hinckley Institute's spring Legislative Internship program. Students are given the chance to debrief and better understand the implications of the policies and politics they encountered during the General Utah Legislative Session. 


Ambassador John Price Think Tank (HNKLY 4905)


Students in this course will engage with the Hinckley Institute’s Resident Scholar John Price, who served as the Ambassador to the Republic of Mauritius, the Republic of Seychelles, and the Union of Comoros from 2002-2005, to discuss current issues in various African countries and examine policies that impact community development throughout Africa. The class meets once a month on Friday afternoons for four months and students write papers and give presentations on issues and policies in assigned countries for three of the sessions. Students are expected to read up on current events in Africa as well as the assigned readings throughout the semester and actively participate in class discussion.

Due to the competitive nature of this symposium, you must apply for entry. Fall and Spring Semesters.