A Remarkable Week for Teachers

The Huntsman Seminar in Constitutional Government for Teachers is a five-day (June 10-14, 2019), summer seminar for teachers and administrators sponsored by The Huntsman Foundation. The primary focus of the seminar is to improve the quality of civic education in Utah schools. Participants gain valuable knowledge and insight into current events in American Politics by learning from, and interacting with, political experts, judges, university faculty, and elected officials. The Huntsman Seminar is a unique opportunity for teachers to gain an in-depth understanding of local, state, and national political issues.

Twenty-five to thirty teachers and administrators from Utah are selected as participants and receive a fellowship worth more than $1,000. A Huntsman Seminar fellowship provides graduate credit (3 hours of Political Science 6990) and all costs for tuition and supplies. Participants are asked to contribute a $50 enrollment fee.

The event director will be Hinckley Institute Director and University of Utah VP of Government Relations Jason Perry. 

Topics covered during the seminar will include:

  • The American Republic & the U.S. Constitution

  • The Two-Party System in the U.S. and Utah

  • Quality of Leadership and Representation

  • The Impact of the Media

  • Politics in the Classroom: The Fine Art of Educating Young Citizens

  • Interest Group Politics

  • The Right to Vote/Ethics Reform


To learn more, or if you are interested in attending the 2019 Huntsman Seminar, please contact Molly Wheeler.