We are accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Editorial Board.
Deadline Oct 27, 2019

The Hinckley Journal of Politics

The Hinckley Journal of Politics is one of the only undergraduate-run journals of politics in the nation and strives to publish scholarly papers of exceptional caliber. The journal promotes the intellectual talents of University of Utah students in the fields of politics, government, international relations, and humanitarian aid. Contributing articles should address relevant issues by explaining key problems and potential solutions. Papers should adhere to the highest standards of political research and analysis. The Journal covers local, national, and international issues, and embraces diverse political perspectives.

Apply to be an Editor

The position is usually held by two students. Co-editors are responsible for reviewing and selecting editorial board members, directing marketing and advertising for paper submission, selecting and preparing research articles for publication, soliciting submissions from elected officials, producing the journal and composing a forward, and selecting the editors for the next year's journal.

Editors are paid $10 per hour.

We are not currently accepting applications for this position. Please check back in the spring.


Submit a Paper

The Hinckley Journal is no longer accepting submissions for the 2018/19 academic year.

Submitted papers must have a cover page that includes:

  • Title of paper

  • Author’s name, full address, phone number, and email

  • Do NOT include the author’s name on any subsequent pages

The body of each submitted paper should:

  • Have page numbers, 12 point font, and one-inch margins

  • Use APA parenthetical references throughout and include a properly formatted bibliography

  • Be between 10-30 pages

Papers should strictly follow APA format. Papers addressing political issues and issues of public policy from all undergraduate disciplines are welcome. We also encourage papers with topics relevant to Utah.

Because the selected papers will be published in an academic journal, they are expected to meet the general standards of academic scholarship. Please ensure that the tone, voice, format, references, and other elements employed in your paper are of an academic quality. Submissions not meeting these guidelines may be returned for additional editing or may be rejected.

***ALL papers accepted for publication will be scanned with anti-plagiarism software***  

After publication, the Hinckley Journal of Politics will be disseminated and read by Utah’s elected and appointed officials, educators, and fellow peers.

All papers that focus on the topic of free government are eligible for the Philo S. Bennett Prize.


Apply for the Editorial Board

Each year between 12-15 students are selected to serve on the Journal’s editorial board. Students help review, debate, and select the submissions to be published in the upcoming edition. This is a rich opportunity to see firsthand how an academic journal works and to participate in the process. The editors will consider students who submit the following:

  • A cover letter detailing your reasons for wanting to participate on the editorial board

  • Contact information (name, full address, phone number, and email)

  • A current resume (no longer than one two-sided page) that details your education and employment history, speaks to your other campus involvement and extracurricular activities, and includes any other information relevant to this application

Students may submit a paper for consideration while also serving on the editorial board.