The Utah State Legislative Internship program offers students the opportunity to serve as full-time, paid staff to legislators, lobbyists, and government offices during the 45-day legislative session starting in late January. Intern work includes tracking legislation, speech writing, committee meetings, researching issues, and analyzing bills.

  •  Student interns choose to register for 6 to 15 credit hours.

  • Each legislative intern is paid at least $2,775 by the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel or their respective host office.

  • Legislative interns work from the start of the semester until the final day of the legislative session (usually early-March). Depending on the host office, some interns work the full semester.

  • Legislative interns are not able to take on-campus classes during this session due to the full-time work schedule.

  • Interested freshman are encouraged to first take the Forum Series Course (POLS 3910) to sharpen writing and public speaking skills.

Potential host offices

  • Individual legislators through the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

  • Executive branch: Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor

  • Other government offices: Governor’s Office of Energy Development, Utah System of Higher Education

  • A range of advocacy groups and lobbyists

Application Requirements

  • Current Resume

  • Cover Letter (explaining what motivates you to do this internship and why you’re qualified).

  • Writing Sample (4-5 pages from a research paper on any topic).

  • 1-2 letters of Recommendation (with at least one coming from a professor or past employer).

  • Official University of Utah Transcript obtained from the Registrar’s Office (250 SSB). Electronic copies are available online through CIS.


In addition to the internship, interns attend a preparatory training course usually held the first week of the semester. They will learn about how the Utah Legislature operates and how to be an effective intern. Students will also be working part-time the two weeks before the start of the session.

Post-internship course - POLS 4801

After the legislative session, interns attend a four to five week seminar on state and national government, politics, and the legislative process. This is a three-hour credit course. Credit hours for this course are in addition to those earned during the legislative internship.

Application Deadline

Spring 2020

Deadline: October 15, 2019

Out of all three of my internships through the Hinckley, I enjoyed my legislative internship at the Capitol the most. This internship has been the best experience in my college career. I’ve made many connections, friends, and have learned a lot about myself.
— Michelle Doong, Economics Major