Want to set up your own internship?

The Hinckley Institute helps students of all majors get credit and funding for internships that they have found through their own connections. The “Set Up Your Own” option is a great way for students to gain university credit for local, national, or global internships.

In order to be eligible, the host office and/or intern must:

  • Be a legitimate, established organization.

  • Provide substantive duties and a dedicated work space.

  • Fulfill hour requirements (Local interns need 9+ hours/week. National and global must be full time).

  • Hinckley Interns must register 3-12 credit hours for the internship class during that semester.

  • Academic credit is obtained by fulfilling a successful internship, writing a research paper, completing assignments, attending mandatory meetings, and receiving a positive supervisor evaluation.

Fill out a Set Up Your Own proposal by selecting your internship type: 

Questions? Contact:

Jean Oh (global internships): jean.oh@hinckley.utah.edu

Gina Shipley (national internships): gina.shipley@hinckley.utah.edu

Morgan Lyon Cotti (local internships): morgan.lyoncotti@hinckley.utah.edu

What Internships Look Like

Important Information