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America First Credit Union Scholarship

Provides scholarships to students interning in Washington D.C. on the Hill with one of Utah’s congressional delegation.


Governor Simon Bamberger Utah State Policy Scholarship

The Bamberger Utah State Policy Scholarship was established at the University of Utah to reward interns serving in state government. The Bamberger Scholarship is funded from the Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation. Simon Bamberger, Utah’s fourth governor, was a German-born immigrant who served from 1916-1920. He was a strong advocate for education throughout his public life, beginning with service on the Salt Lake City School Board.

The Bamberger Utah State Policy Scholarship will be awarded each semester to exceptional student interns who especially embody Bamberger’s passion for political research and public service.

Senator Robert F. Bennett Scholarship

Each year, a promising student serving in a congressional, or related office is awarded with this scholarship. It was established by Doug Bennett, nephew of Senator Bennett in recognition of his uncle’s public service, his advocacy of free markets, and his friendship towards the University of Utah. Senator Bennett’s served as Student Body President at the University of Utah in 1956 and continued his leadership service throughout his life

Chevron Corporation Scholarship for Women in STEM

This scholarship was created by the generosity of the Chevron Salt Lake Refinery. It is awarded to high-achieving female students who are studying or looking to pursue careers in applied sciences, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics. It is the hope that this scholarship will encourage more women to enter STEM fields and provide them with greater access and resources to do so.


Rob Bishop Civic Engagement Fund

A former Hinckley intern turned public school teacher, turned public servant, representative Rob Bishop represents Utah’s first congressional district in the US Congress. In recognition of Rep Bishops dedication to public service, the Rob Bishop civic engagement scholarship seeks to recognize outstanding interns who most effectively demonstrate the values of leadership, learning, and commitment to public service.

Director’s Prize - Academic

The Director’s Prize awards highly accomplished students who have shown a commitment to public service. This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation. The Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation was created in 2004 by Clark Ivory, current CEO of Ivory Homes and his wife Christine. The foundation is committed to proactively searching for innovative ways to lift and empower the individual, and to do its part to help our communities where we can.


David Eccles School of Business General Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students interested in business policy and progressing towards a business degree at the University of Utah. Created in honor of David Eccles, a self-made man whose legacy as a businessman and industrialist continues to inspire.


George S. Eccles Internships in Business Policy  

The George Eccles is “an internship fund established in 1984 by the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation for studies in business policy with the Hinckley Institute of Politics.”


Cap and Sue Ferry Scholarship

In 2019, this scholarship was founded to honor the Ferrys and their commitment to public service. Sue is recognized as the matriarch of Utah lobbyists and a true political trailblazer. Cap served in the Utah House of Representatives as well as the Senate, serving as Senate President for six years, and later joining his wife to create a powerful lobbying duo. This scholarship provides support for students to continue their legacy of civic engagement.


Bae B Gardner Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established in 1990 and organized entirely by Hinckley Institute alumnus in honor of Bae B. Gardner, a former Hinckley Institute employee who worked tirelessly to orchestrate student internships and ensure their time spent as interns was a success. The scholarship is awarded to an impressive intern pursuing public policy.

Future Hinckley Alumni Scholarship

The scholarship provides funding to outstanding students who are interested in public service and community engagement. Selected students will be paired with a Hinckley Alumn mentor who can provide educational and professional guidance. Funding for this scholarship is generously provided by the University of Utah Alumni Association with the intent to develop long-lasting relationships between the Hinckley Institute, the University and future Alumni.

Hinckley Institute of Politics General Scholarship

This scholarship fund was created by the Hinckley Institute’s generous donors who seek to ensure that all deserving students, regardless of resources, have the opportunity to participate in politics and engage in the community. This scholarship is awarded to motivated Hinckley interns to supplement their costs and reward their dedication.

Hinckley Global Internship Scholarship

This scholarship fund was created by the Hinckley Institute’s generous donors who seek to ensure that all deserving students, regardless of resources, have the opportunity to experience other cultures and participate as global citizens. This scholarship is awarded to remarkable Hinckley interns to supplement their costs and reward their dedication.


Janice S. Hinckley Graduate Scholarship

A fund established in 1997 by James S. Hinckley and his wife, Carolyn in honor of his mother, Janice S. Hinckley. Described as a loving and gracious woman, she was a University of Utah alum as well as a lifelong supporter of the Hinckley Institute and its students. A gifted mezzo-soprano, she participated in numerous musical and theatrical productions as well as volunteered for the Utah Symphony Guild. This scholarship fund is awarded to prodigious students in public policy internships that focus on environmental policy and who seek to make a career of environmental work.


John & Anne Hinckley Scholarship - Academic

John S Hinckley was a passionate member of the automobile industry who in 1973, served as the president of the National Automobile Dealers Association. He believed strongly in the improvement of community through active participation and was highly involved in local causes. He met Anne H Hinckley, a Virginia native, during his time in the U.S. Army while she was serving in the American Red Cross. The John & Anne Hinckley Scholarship funds an annual scholarship for outstanding sophomore and junior students at the University of Utah whose academic and community pursuits promote active citizenship and public service. The Hinckleys demonstrated great love for the Institute and wanted to ensure that talented students could contribute to the political community without financial hindrance.


Robert H. Hinckley Institute of Politics Endowment Fund

The Hinckley Institute’s founder was a man whose accomplishments were as diverse as they were numerous. In addition to his impact in the air-travel, automobile, and broadcast news industries, he served in both the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. He had a strong belief that young people should be encouraged to value civic engagement and that the future leaders of tomorrow should have a strong devotion to civic duty. This fund was created to help realize this mission and provide diligent students with the opportunity to gain real-world experiences.


Robert H. Hinckley Jr. Scholarship

This internship fund was established in 1992 by James S. and Carolyn C. Hinckley to recognize the life and achievements of Robert Henry Hinckley, Jr. Like his father, he promoted political and civic involvement through the family’s namesake institute, viewing the work as a labor of love. After the passing of his father, the institute’s founder, Hinckley Jr. became the institute’s board chairman, with the mission to help students get ahead in life. This fund ensures that his dream to extend opportunities to all students, regardless of their financial means, lives on. Recipients of this scholarship must be exemplary, ambitious students interning in environmental policy.


Wayne Horiuchi Scholarship

A Hinckley alumni and lifelong public servant, Wayne Horiuchi’s generous donations to the Hinckley Institute of Politics help fund internships for exemplary students in Washington, D.C. Horiuchi credits the Hinckley Institute with introducing him to Government and Politics, which became the foundation of his career. Jokingly referring to himself as a “recovering lobbyist”, Horiuchi’s spirit of service and community engagement are furthered as he enables standout interns to follow in his footsteps.


Dan Jones Future Leaders Scholarship

The Dan E. Jones Future Leaders Scholarship honors the public service and wisdom of Dr. Dan E. Jones. For more than 50 years, Dan Jones has played a prominent role in Utah politics as a teacher, lecturer, mentor, and political guru. Many of Utah's leaders - in business and politics - trace their careers back to a class and/or early mentoring by Dr. Jones. This scholarship is awarded to local interns who demonstrate a commitment to public service and outstanding academic accomplishment and leadership potential.


Roger A. Livingston / Worker’s Compensation Fund Insurance Scholarship

This scholarship was established in recognition of Rober Livingston and his commitment to civility in public service. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding local interns who are motivated not only to gain a greater understanding of civility but to be part of the solution.


T.G. "Bud" and Barbara S. Mahas Scholarship

Bud Mahas, a prominent business owner was a strong advocate for education.  His construction company was involved in building over 100 schools. The T.G. "Bud" and Barbara S. Mahas Scholarship was established at the University of Utah to continue his legacy and provide scholarships to students interested in public policy and civic engagement.


Frank E Moss Public Policy Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Kem C Gardner in honor of former Senator Frank E Moss who is known for his distinguished public service career as well as his sense of caring, his concern for the environment, his passion for public health, and his work for minorities and the elderly. The purpose of the scholarship is to steer stand-out students towards working with social institutions that promote caring and compassion.


The Jayne Nelson Scholarship

This scholarship was established in honor of Jayne Nelson, former associate director of the Hinckley Institute. During her time in this role, she was passionately devoted to providing students with transformative opportunities. Additionally, she produced educational forums for the enrichment of the campus and larger community.  Her namesake scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate this same passion for engagement and enrichment.


The Wayne Owens Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor the late Douglas Wayne Owens, a University of Utah alumni, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and passionate advocate for peace. During his congressional career, he helped found the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation. The scholarship is awarded in his memory to extraordinary students who are participating in internships that serve the Middle East.

Price Global Scholarship Foundation

Established by Ambassador John Price, this scholarship is awarded to exemplary students participating in global internships on the African continent to work with underprivileged communities, climate change, and/or health related issues.


Margaret Rampton Munk Public Policy Internship Scholarship

In honor of former Utah Governor Calvin L. Rampton’s daughter, Margaret “Meg”, this fund provides scholarships for interns serving at the executive branch of Utah’s government. While a political science student at the University of Utah, Meg was editor of the campus newspaper and the valedictorian at commencement. She was a bright student and highly involved. The scholarship is awarded to standout students who embody her passion and engagement.


Bill Rishel Scholarship Fund

The Bill Rishel Memorial Fund was created in his memory by his daughter, Virginia A Rishel. An avid cyclist and transportation enthusiast, Bill Rishel was a pioneer in the development of the highway system in the Western United States and was instrumental in making Salt Lake City its hub. The goal of the Fund is to encourage and foster greater interest and participation in the area of politics and public service. This scholarship is awarded to standout women who demonstrate academic excellence and demonstrate an interest in political participation and public service.


Barbara Roberts Scholarship

Barbara Roberts was a friend to the University of Utah, and champion of education and learning opportunities. Her generosity created internship experiences for distinguished female students who demonstrate a commitment to public service. A global traveler and lifelong learner, Roberts hoped to give more young people the chance to broaden their horizons and engage with their communities.


Deb Sawyer Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to distinguished students serving internships that promote nuclear non-proliferation or peace throughout the world.


Rocco Siciliano Internship

Rocco C. Siciliano is recognized nationally for his lifetime of dedicated public service, as a decorated soldier in Italy, and for his leadership in the corporate world. His public service career includes a stint as President Eisenhower’s special assistant for personnel management and as under secretary for commerce and assistant of secretary of labor. In 2001 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Utah and was also selected as the Chairman of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission in Washington, DC. The fund in his name enables distinguished students the opportunity to intern in executive or congressional offices.


Marjorie Lee Bench Sonntag Scholarship

Marjorie Lee Bench Sonntag Scholarship was established to honor Marjorie and continue her legacy of civic engagement in pubic and education. This Scholarship will provide a unique opportunity for students and teachers to engage in transformative experiences and gain skills necessary to further benefit the communities they serve.


R.J. Snow Public Policy Scholarship Fund

As Director of the Hinckley Institute from 1975-85, R.J. Snow enjoyed introducing students to the richness of political science and the importance of civic engagement. He worked to ensure that all students had access to transformative leadership experiences. This scholarship was created in his honor to further his passion for public policy and to create further opportunities for standout students.


Pete Suazo Local Internship Scholarship

The Senator Pete Suazo Leadership Foundation was founded in November 2001, shortly after the tragic death of the late Senator Suazo. The Foundation was established to honor the legacy and commitment of the Senator, who is remembered as a heroic role model with a strong social conscience. The scholarship seeks to fund the internships of ethnic minority students enrolled a the University of Utah who demonstrate a passion for community service and exemplify his spirit of leadership.


Todd Taylor Memorial Scholarship

This Scholarship was established at the University of Utah to reward highly dedicated interns who embody Todd Taylor’s work ethic, dedication, and passion for politics. Taylor passed away in 2012 while serving as the longest-tenured state political party executive director in the nation. He is remembered as “a true renaissance man” with a passion for national and local politics, a near photographic memory, encyclopedic knowledge of Utah politics, a sharp wit, and personal authenticity that is widely missed.


Ben D. Wood Scholarship 

A friend of Robert H. Hinckley since their days as members of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal administration, Dr. Wood was a pioneer in collegiate education research. This scholarship was made possible by the generosity of Dr. Wood and is awarded to distinguished students serving public policy internships in the federal government.


The Eric Wright Scholarship Fund

In memory of Eric Wright, whose legacy of involvement and scholarship at the University of Utah as well as his passion for public service, current events, and engaged citizenship make him an example for his generation. This fund was generously created by his family with the hopes of giving exemplary future students the opportunity to intern in Washington DC.


Jeffrey Wright Endowed Legacy Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was created by Utah businessman, Jeffrey Wright, a University of Utah Alum and venture investor with experience in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, real estate, and reinsurance. The scholarship is awarded to exemplary students who are from historically underrepresented populations or from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Ted Wilson Scholarship Fund

The Ted Wilson Scholarship was established in 2003 in honor of his retirement and years of service to the University of Utah and the larger community. After his third term as the 30th mayor of Salt Lake City, Wilson served as the director of the Hinckley Institute from 1985 to 2003. Under his tenure, Wilson encouraged students to participate in local politics, but to also look for opportunities to serve their global community. He led 10 expeditions to India where students met with local leaders, participated in service projects, and learned about Indian government and international politics. The Ted Wilson Scholarship funds motivated students to follow in his footsteps of civic engagement and community involvement.